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We’ve been pruning West Seattle’s lady gardens since 2009.

Welcome to West Seattle’s premier sugaring studio! What in the world is sugaring you ask? It’s the safest and gentlest method for removing unwanted body hair, from faces to toes and ALL the nooks and crannies in between! We use a simple paste of sugar and water (yes that’s it!) like waxing without the burning or damage to sensitive skin. We’ve been providing high quality care to our West Seattle community since 2009 servicing all ages, genders, and body types in our welcoming sugaring suites!

Our sugarists have years of experience at making even the most vulnerable and potentially awkward moments not only comfortable, but downright fun! If you’re not quite ready for a full Brazilian or bikini area, you can always start with a lower leg, brow design, or full face to learn about the studio, the staff, and the technique of sugaring at Darling Sugar. Still nervous? Send us a message and we can put your mind at ease. We’ve seen it all, sugared it all, and truly care about your safety and comfort at all times.

Meet Our Staff


Emilie was born and raised in South Seattle. Growing up, her grandpa was her best friend. Their routine was always the same if they were together, and that familiarity was an important source of comfort for her. She intends to provide that same relationship with her clients, so that every time you come in for a Sugaring, you feel as though you’re just catching up with a friend.

After dealing with eczema and adult acne, Emilie became very interested in skincare. She graduated from the Esthiology program at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in 2018. Afterwards, took to sugaring after getting it done herself, and trained and received her sugaring certification after being hired on at Darling Sugar. She has now been a Sugarist with us for over 3 years.

Both a force and a Capricorn. You can find her at home watching New Girl for the 100th time, or at the gym on the stairmaster looking more tired than everyone else.

Interests: Dry humor, Will Arnett, and Apple pies.


I left a decade-long career in the coffee and food industry to pursue work as an esthetician. I picked sugaring because it aligns perfectly with my passion for natural beauty practices. This interest was reinforced by my own difficult experience growing up with thick, dark hair and sensitive skin. My goal is to provide a service that enables every unique individual to feel their most confident!

When I’m not at Darling Sugar I can be found curled up with my dog or cat while reading a book. I read an assortment of genres and am always down to talk about books! I grew up in the Seattle area, and spend a lot of time with my husband and family. I also enjoy trying new bakeries in my eternal search for the perfect pastry.


I was born in Washington and fell in love with Seattle pretty quickly, I’ve always appreciated the people and culture of the city and I’m grateful to have found a home here. I’m newer to Seattle but not sugaring. I love putting clients at ease and helping them feel their best while having fun! I especially love shaping eyebrows as well as helping clients with any other unwanted body hair. I have two cats who I love very much, their names are Teddy and Obsidian (I can absolutely show you pictures if you want). I spend my time hanging out with friends and trying new things, I would be totally down to trade recommendations on fun new things to do around the PNW. I love shows and movies and am always up for a recommendation. I hope to see you soon!

Vanessa Foley-DeLong, Owner and HSF (Head Sugar Fairy

As a former Aesthetics Instructor, who’s been in the beauty industry since the Great Eyebrow Tragedy of the 20th Century, I’ve seen it all. I’ve been sugaring for over a decade and love what I do. My goal is to make every individual that walks through our doors feel comfortable and confident throughout the sugaring process, and to look and feel their best by the time they leave. From Brow Design to full Brazilian and everything in between, your comfort and satisfaction is my top priority.

When not tending your “gardens” this Seattle native enjoys sewing, gardening (with actual dirt and plants!) and spending time with my husband Joey, our sweet and chatty cat Violet, and our goodest boy Wesley Crusher. You can also find me learning the game of disc golf or getting down at the roller rink.


As the lead sugarist at Darling Sugar I love supporting the team members in their work and personal lives as well as being able to provide extra comfort or services to any clients that may require it. I’ve been an esthetician for 10 years and been sugaring nearly as long. I really enjoy getting to know my clients and am highly skilled at assisting clients of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sugaring experience, so let me put your mind at ease and make this experience the best yet.

Originally from the Bay Area, I’ve lived in Seattle for the past 13 years and enjoy swimming, listening to music, and hanging out with friends!


I am a master esthetician that graduated from Evergreen Beauty. I grew up in the West Seattle area and I enjoy relaxing with my family and friends. I love traveling and trying new spas or cool restaurants in the new places I visit. I love art and during my spare time I like listening to real story times and lectures. I’ve always loved skincare and used to watch treatments and tutorials on YouTube even before I knew what an Esthetician was! I love to research different ingredients and products. I’m very fascinated by different skin conditions, their root cause, and how to treat them. I have personally delt with acne and hyperpigmentation which I’ve improved through the things I’ve learned.


I’ve been an esthetician since 2015 and after specializing in waxing, I am making the jump to sugaring and not looking back! My favorite parts of being an esthetician are the connections I make with people, making people feel comfortable both in the treatment room and in general (yes, your parts are “normal” and all the detail work. Extractions make me happy. I love thrifting and estate sales. I’m a ‘foodie’ and I will do pretty much anything for a donut! My dogs Roger and Elijah have my heart. I love to travel and dream about traveling. What’s your favorite road trip you’ve been on? I am always interested in talking and learning about personality types and horoscopes. I’m an Aries ☀️ Taurus 🌙 Leo ⬆️  

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