Why Sugaring?

There are a lot of different ways to get rid of body hair. Here’s why we choose to do sugaring at our shop:

Waxing brings the heat…sometimes too much. It can already hurt to get hair removed without the added “ouch!” of hot wax on your skin. Plus, wax adheres to live skin cells, so when it’s pulled off, it can take a few extra “passengers” with it. No wonder your skin can get so red and irritated!

Sugaring uses a gently warmed paste made of sugar, lemon, and water. That’s it. We use a fresh single portion of paste just for you and then throw it away when we’re done. No double dipping into the same vat of hot wax, client after client. (Because, eew.)

Sugaring keeps you smooth and hair free much longer than shaving, too, and without the coarse ingrowns and razor burn.

Since it’s done in the same direction as your hair growth, over time you’ll find that the hair grows back thinner and finer, with fewer bumps and ingrown hairs.

We think you’ll like a little sugar, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?
Well, we’re pulling your hairs out, so yes. But it only hurts for that split second while it’s happening. Most people say it hurts less than waxing. That said, you might be a little pink and tender for a few hours afterwards. Ibuprofen helps.

Do I have to wait a full month between appointments?
Nope. Usually about 3 weeks is ideal. Sometimes we can do a follow-up within 7-10 days, although waiting a little longer makes it easier to grab all of the hairs, regardless of where they are in the growth cycle.

I have my period. Can I still get a brazilian?
Absolutely. Just wear a tampon and be aware that you might be a little more pain-sensitive than usual.

I’m African American and have coarse hair. Is sugaring for me?
Sugaring is perfect for coarse hair! We can extract all the hair without missing the little ones at different stages in their growth cycles. In fact, over time your hair will thin out.

I’m a dude. Can I get sugared?
Yes! Come on in and get your bro-zillian. We like smooth men. However…we don’t like smooth moves. Gentlemen, this is simply a hair removal service. Don’t be creepy, mmkay?

My daughter is at the age where she’s starting to shave. Is sugaring a good alternative?
Sugaring is perfect for her. In fact, if she starts sugaring now, by the time she’s in college her hair will be much finer and more manageable.

Frequently Whispered Concerns

I want to get sugared, except, here’s the thing…

I’m shy about my curvy body.
We know that sugaring is up close and personal. We want you to be yourself and feel like our shop is a safe space for that to happen. As for us, we’ve been sugaring curvy women every day for years, and we’re at ease with many different body types. So get your beautiful self in here.

I’m not comfortable baring my privates in front of someone I met 5 minutes ago.
That’s reasonable. A lot of our clients start out feeling that way. But after you come in, you’re likely to feel way more at ease than you thought you would. If you’re still not sure, you can always start with something like eyebrows, legs, or armpits. Once you see what it’s like to be here, you’ll feel more at ease booking that brazilian.

I’m worried I have weird looking lady bits.
We’ve all felt that way at some point. Lady bits are like snowflakes. They’re all special and unique. We do brazilians all day every day, so don’t worry about feeling judged.